Vision & Mission

We as Shree Bhavnagar Nagar Mitra Mandal an charitable organization for medical aid and assistance to all the needy persons and specifically for Nagar community and also educational scholarship and assistance to needy and meritorious students. We shall also encourage and conduct activities to nurture the talent of members and people at large in various sports, cultural and soft skill activities.

We shall encourage youth and women in all our activities to ensure that this organization continue to carry out their noble cause activities for next generations. We shall also involve youth and women in the decision making body to ensure that their interest and enthusiasm is well protected.

We shall strive to reach out to all such similar Nagar Organisations and such other charitable organizations for better cohesiveness and unity amongst such organizations. We shall also encourage them to participate in all our activities and be the beneficiaries. We shall share mutual experiences and implement them for the larger interest of members and people. We shall encourage competitive spirit to bring out the best talent.

We shall conduct such programmes and implement such schemes which will encourage members and people at large for donation. We shall build up the corpus to ensure that the objective of the organization is enhanced. We shall act constitutionally and in a transparent manner to encourage people to have faith in organization. We shall use the technology, novel ideas and path breaking methods to connect with people. We shall also have entertaining programmes to increase the fellowship. We shall have a philosophy of:

  • Joining Teams to make a organization.
  • Joining Organisations to work for help to needy
  • Join healthy and wealthy people for charitable cause.
  • Join charitable causes to support needy and make healthy and happy society.