Message from Past Presidents

Mr. Paryank Metha

Mr. Paryank Metha 2009-2012

Shree Mandal's nobles objectives and continuous hardwork when blessed by almighty the real fruits of the mandal comes to the fore which is non debatable.

My heartfelt wishes that the mandal continues to progress in coming years.

Mr. Trupen Desai

Mr. Trupen Desai 2006-2009

It is very heartening to know we are going to have our own website. It's a wonderful initiative which is finally getting the firm shape. I am sure it will bring world closer to us. I wish the BEST OF LUCK to one and all.

Mrs. Kashmira Mehta

Mrs. Kashmira Mehta 2004-2006

Courtesy from Family members,

BNMM is the unique platform which brings the generations together on single platform without any fear, fantasy or ego so generation-gap is never felt. Irrespective of old or new, the generation learns from other generations so it cherishes individual ability & confidence within. The filling of togetherness helps us to preserve our rich culture & moreover strengthen our relationship with the community itself. The ultimate outcome of BNMM is that, in our community, we have sons and daughters & not son-in-law & daughter-in-laws.

BNMM shall be always proud to say that this institute had Mrs. Kashmira behn Yogesh bhai Mehta as one of the torch-bearer in the form of President of this institute and our great ambassador, who has successfully spread of our rich cultural heritage beyond the community as well.

Mr. Kamlesh Vohra

Mr. Kamlesh Vohra 2002-2004

"Shri Bhavnagar Nagar Mitra Mandal is an opportunity for community members in particular and likeminded persons to promote fellowship, exchange their views and thoughts, exhibit and display their artistic abilities in dance, music and singing, compete with other individuals to improve their sporting skills and ability. It acts as a medium to reach out to people and help others or get financial, physical and social help from others. It also acts as an ideal bridge and link between two generations where younger generation gets guidance, warmth and encouragement from previous generation to know the values of religion, relationship and 'sanskar' of family at large. I wish that this organization flourishes well to achieve and improve all its objectives and establishes deep roots of values so that over period of few years Society can have an healthy tree which gives the fruit for future generations."

Mr. Atul Vohra

Mr. Atul Vohra 2001-2002

Shree Bhavnagar Nagar Mitra Mandal is a group of Nagar residing in Mumbai & involved in the cultural, social, sports, education & medical activities for number of years. The mandal has provided an opportunity for entire generation of us to keep the Nagar brotherhood alive in last 50 years through its various activities.

Time has come for the mandal to widen its scope and incorporate new programs keeping in mind the aspirations & expectation of the new generation to have a meaningful impact on the community.

Mr. Paresh Vohra

Mr. Paresh Vohra 2000-2001

Bhavnagar nagar mitra mandal was incorporated as platform for fellowship and developement of bhavnagar nagars residing in mumbai region.

The idea of mandal is to have synergy within entire community members for greater impact on nagar society by providing intellectual, financial, medical & social support to community at large.

The mandal stands to provide a platform where experience of yesterday & youth of tomorrow can collaborate to have exchange of ideas for future development. Education is the key ingredient which is in built into nagar character and with the mandal various activity in cultural, sports & social streams will help our young children shape their future while we watch them with pride.

Let us endevour to guide our next generation to develope themselves in all spheres of life so that they shine out above others in the society and bring pride for our community.